Inovação no campo com a tecnologia da natureza
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We dream Ernst Götsch’s dream of a world where water scarcity or bad soils, climate hazards and poverty are no longer an issue and food production becomes a beneficial process to nature and people alike. A reconciliation of mankind with nature requires knowledge about favorable techniques and designs. Nature is more than just the visible elements, it is a network of relationships, dynamics, processes and constant changes which are also central in Syntropic Farming.

If you are interested, open-minded, willing and able to learn about this fascinating approach to food production, we are looking forward meeting you in one of our courses.

Courses sf1

SF1: Introduction to Syntropic Farming

Here is where it all starts! Get to know the philosophy, the theory and practical aspects of Syntropic Farming in our 3 day course. You will experience hands on how basic concepts are put to practice. Our seasoned teachers are all Syntropic Farmers themselves with many years of experience. The demonstration site of Agenda Gotsch hosts several areas, each with different focus and conditions of soil and terrain. This allows lots of practical exercises and many places to learn from.

Course romulo
Workshop com Rômulo Araújo
Local: Agenda Götsch, Casimiro de Abreu
Data: sex, 07/04 - dom, 09/04

R$ 850
Courses sf2

SF2: Advanced practices of Syntropic Farming

Welcome back! Great to know you want to deepen your knowledge in our 4 day advanced practices course. This course is also a mix of theory and practical exercises and you will have the joy of getting to know Ernst Götsch personally.

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Courses sfs

SFS: Syntropic Farming specialties

Since we are working on amazing fresh designs in dedicated areas, we want to share this knowledge with you. One key aspect of Syntropic Farming is its location-specific design – so different areas require different strategies. In our “Specialties” we would like to share this knowledge in trainings targeting these topics. Make sure you check back on us as these trainings sometimes occur only seasonal or at a specific moment in our projects.